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About us



JSC „Silmija“ main activities are - trade in crushed granite and basalt stone, cube/paving stones and curbstones.

Our enterprise is one of suppliers of non ore materials in Lithuania. For many years we have been cooperating with partners in Ukraine, Byelorussia, Latvia, Poland and Sweden.

JSC „Silmija“ was established in 1999. During the same year over 30000 tones were produced of all kinds of fraction of granite crushed stone from Ukraine.

The demand of population  was increasing every year, for this reason, granite crushed stone was produced from various granite quarries in Ukraine.

During the ten years of the company‘s activity over one million tones of crushed stone were produced and sold.

After  a few years of the establishment of JSC „Silmija“, the company started a new market with cube/ paving stones production that were made from granite and basalt.

In these latter years we came into curbstone market.  Curbstone made by Lithuanian‘s road-menders  is used for making roundabouts.

JSC „Silmija“ is allways ready to supply the clients with all fractions of granite and basalt crushed stone, cube/paving stones and curbstones.




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